Uzès: one of the prettiest towns in Provence

If it's picture-perfect you want, Uzès is the place to see! It's quite tiny, at least the old city; one main road goes around it.

The streets are sometimes so narrow, that even in a small car, you're not sure you won't scratch your side mirrors!

The town is accustomed to foreigners, whether from Europe or other continents, as many settle here for the charm, the walkability. When I entered the tourism office, I was spoken to in English immediately, before I could even open my mouth (to speak French). The tourism office is chock full of information about cultural events and the history not only of Uzès itself but also the surroundings. I hadn't realized that the Pays d'Uzès is home to the fabled Pont du Gard, a Roman aqueduct.

The Pont du Gard, the summer hiking, and more bring not only foreigners but also French vacationers to the area. In the late afternoon on warm(-ish) days, people sit out in the main square and sip coffee or apéritifs.

We rented an Airbnb for one night, in one of the rare rentals that included parking, Had we known, we would have forgone the parking in favor of the municipal parking garage nearby, especially as we had to remove our rental car by 10 am. In these towns, you'll have more choices of rooms without parking. The Wifi signal, as almost everywhere we stayed in southern France, was very weak.

We ate outside on a weeknight, and the restaurant was full, both outside and inside.

The town and its surrounding area is worth a visit, and some choose to stay!

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