Journeying southwards: final destination Nice, France

Updated: Apr 14

 Place de la Libération in Nice, France
Nice: Place de la Libération

Our journey southwards started in Amsterdam; while we were there, we made an excursion to Keukenhof to see the Dutch spring flowers, and to Leiden to visit friends. We then embarked on an almost week-long journey by rail, with luggage, through Germany on our way to Nice, where we plan to spend a month, renting our own apartment to get a feel of local life. We took another train every day, stopping for the night at friends' and family's homes. It was tiring but gratifying to see people we love.

However, both the Netherlands and Germany were still gray, wet and cold, so we were relieved to find sunshine in Nice, even if it's still chilly when you're not in the sun.

Rail companies

Deutsche Bahn (Germany): well organized, reserved seats visible, lots of space for luggage, but constant delays. Friendly conductors.

SNCF (France): no room for luggage; suitcases were everywhere! Comfortable seats and friendly conductors.

Today we walked in the old town, along with all the foreign tourists, but deviated from the shop-lined streets and went off in less traveled directions.

Next post will be about food!

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