Sausalito, California

Updated: May 28

The shore in Sausalito
The shore in Sausalito

Sausalito is arguably the most famous town outside of San Francisco for tourists. Just about everyone I've known, and who has been to San Francisco, visited Sausalito, a charming town on the bay. There is a rather large marina with all kinds of sailboats, including many very large ones.

The main street is Bridgeway, dotted with restaurants, ice cream shops and stores selling souvenirs, clothing of all styles, local jewelry and more.

There are residential neighborhoods, mostly 1-2 family homes or 2-floor apartment buildings, in the side streets. In the middle, away from the water, are medical offices and other businesses. Just as everywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's expensive to live here, possibly on par with San Francisco rental costs.

However, it's wonderful to visit! The shops have suffered from the lack of foot traffic due to the pandemic. Some are closing or have already closed. If you're in the region, do come, by ferry or by car; buy an ice cream cone, have lunch or dinner, or acquire a beautiful pair of earrings!

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