Over the years, I've worked in architecture, marketing, and technology as a project manager, and learned to write along the way. 

My skills lie in helping others write their grant applications, blogs, social media posts. I can also edit resumes, proofread, and perform research/fact check in many areas. 

I have a travel-themed blog on this website, and an Africa-themed blog at www.awayfromafrica.com.

I've written for a few different sites: 


- SoSauce (unfortunately not around any longer),

- GotSaga (also appears to be gone!), 

- Happy Luxe  


- Studio NYCHA and the official NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) site

- Beirut NTSC
For a list of some of my work in print, please see the Publications and Mentions tab!

Notebook and Pen
3 testimonials from satisfied customers

Leila Kawar, PhD

"Diane's help was invaluable on checking the French references in my monograph. She expertly identified phrases that needed revision without making me feel bad about making mistakes when writing in another language, and the result was that the text was more polished and I felt more confident in publishing my first book."
Book: Contesting Immigration Policy in Court
Testimonial from satisfied customer

Amanda Tento, TDM Marketing

"I have been reading Diane's first blog for 12 years. Her writing style is nothing short of amazing! She uses her real-life experiences combined with eloquent writing to bring you along into the time and place she is talking about. I also have several colleagues who have had Diane do writing work for them and they always have rave reviews. Diane is a woman of many talents, from grant writing to blogs, resumes, and even books! She is a true International Treasure!"
TDM Marketing
Testimonial from satisfied customer (editing).

Shannon Devine

"Diane was a good match for me because I am visually minded and not written
word. I do not understand how to clearly get my views across using international
lexicons. I want my work to be described the way I think about it honestly but also
make sense to others. It is nice to be in my own voice and not subjected to the 'speak du jour.' 
Diane doesn’t jump in with immediate solutions to the written words needed. She
listens to me, she thinks about it, she reads my work, looks at my design work and
then she gives feedback. I may protest, but when I reflect,
frequently, her editorial insights are right on. If I have a need to drive her edits in a
further direction she is also flexible to re-edit till we have our solution.
I am a repeat customer and trust her with my innermost thoughts and getting them
on paper."

Devine Draft


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